Tenuta Argentiera

LuogoTenuta Argentiera - Donoratico

Situated along the lovely Etruscan Coast, amid natural springs and silver mines, Tenuta Argentiera produces the finest DOC Bolgheri wine


About 100km from Florence, along the beautiful Etruscan Coast, stands Tenuta Argentiera, a wine producer making DOC Bolgheri.

Once part of the old Tenuta di Donoratico, belonging to the Florentine Serristori family, the winery lies on a plateau where there were natural springs and silver mines in the past. Hence the name of the company, now owned by brothers Corrado and Marcello Fratini.

Tenuta Argentiera, with its 500 hectares of land, has always paid particular attention to its spectacular setting, making for fine reds.

The winery

The section of the Tuscan coast that runs from Livorno to Grosseto is dotted with sighting towers built by the Medici family to protect the land from sea attacks. These buildings provided the inspiration for the project that gave rise to the Tenuta Argentiera winery in Donoratico.

Constructed by Studio Bernardo Tori in Florence, the plans observe local architectural styles while becoming part of the perfection of the surrounding landscape, becoming at one with the hills and sea. Built entirely in recovered materials so as not to contrast too greatly with the pre-existing buildings, the cellar blends beauty and harmony of form with modern energy-saving techniques. The thick sloping walls ensure natural heat regulation of the spaces and all of the winemaking takes place by harnessing gravity. The underground part of the cellar is dedicated to ageing rooms, with the beautiful barrique cellar with a vaulted ceiling that contains 1,200 barriques.