Cantina Petra

LuogoCantina Petra - Suvereto

A modern and functional winery, Cantina Petra, in the Val di Cornia hills, produces environmentally friendly wine


In 1997, close to the old town of Suvereto, in the old hills of Val di Cornia, the winemaking project of Vittorio Moretti and his daughter Francesca, a skilled winemaker and local expert, took root.

Nestled in a nature park of sublime beauty, covering 300 hectares of ancient olive trees and Mediterranean brushwood, Cantina Petra is first and foremost a temple dedicated to wine and its profound historical roots in Tuscany.

Through a radically natural cultivation method that is converting all of its vineyards to “organic”, Francesca Moretti conveys all the love towards an environment in which her company works.

Cantina Petra, “place of ancient stones”, is a preferred destination for visitors looking for frankness and depth in wine.

The winery

Designed by architect Mario Botta, the winery is excavated in front of the hill and has become part of it, as if it were a definitive aspect of the landscape, as if it had been there forever. The natural light that penetrates all the environments of the large cylindrical volume, covered in Prun stone, spreads to all the workspaces via the stately staircase that leads up to a balcony where visitors can enjoy views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its islands.

A long tunnel carved into the bowels of the hill is the destination of a mysterious route that winds its way through the modern pressing area, the vat rooms and the two spectacular barrique cellars – the resting place of the wine – penetrating far into the hill, where you can touch a large rock wall that bears metal veining.

An intelligent design, complete with an innovative photovoltaic system on water through which the energy impact of the systems can be lowered drastically without depriving the environment of a single acre of land. A rational architectural project that also highlights the measure, beauty and depth of an age-old rural landscape and the winemaking trade that aims to project and promote the biodiversity of the land and the dignity of those who live there.