Fattoria delle Ripalte

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Modernity, sustainability and passion: the crucial elements of Fattoria delle Ripalte, a winery located in the southern area of Elba Island


Fattoria delle Ripalte is located at the southernmost point of Elba Island, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago. It was founded by the Swiss nobleman Count Tobler, an Italy-loving man who wanted to pursue one of his greatest passions: cultivating vines and producing high quality wines. The next owners, however, abandoned the entire 420-hectare area, which had been the largest farming area in Elba. Instead, they used it as a hunting reserve.

Despite everything, the area’s former glory and reputation lived on. Finally, in 2002, the current owner decided to revive the winemaking activity, working with Piermario Meletti Cavallari, former owner of Grattamacco in Bolgheri. 15 hectares of new vineyards now occupy the best positions on the estate, dominated by the modern cellar designed by famous architect Tobia Scarpa.

The winery

The new cellar was designed by the great architect Tobia Scarpa and, outside, it resembles a large parallel pipe in the Gianni hills. The aim was to disguise the building with the surrounding natural environment, while at the same time inserting it into the Mediterranean landscape.

The Vineyard is laid out on a particularly tough soil that’s rocky and mostly terraced. Though the vines produce little, the grapes are very high quality. This vineyard embraces sustainable practices: this is demonstrated by the limited use of synthetic chemical products in plant protection treatments and in organic fertilization.

The company’s general focus is on the traditional wines of the Mediterranean basin, those that best express and pay tribute to the fantastic area around Elba Island.