Podere di Pomaio

LuogoPodere di Pomaio - Arezzo

Located in the Arezzo hills, Podere di Pomaio produces high quality organic wines while protecting the environment


Podere di Pomaio is a relatively new (first vintage in 2009), dynamic, green and organic winemaking firm, which produces high quality wines with a strong experiential component and very low environmental impact. Situated in the Pomaio hills, just over 3km from the Etruscan city of Arezzo, the cellar benefits from a south aspect and unique natural surroundings.

With a great, historic past, Podere di Pomaio maintains the feel of another era, while still being a modern, organic company specialized in sustainable, high quality wine production. The company demonstrated this commitment through the “Think Green” project, an example of the company’s environmentally friendly focus.

Podere di Pomaio Green Winery recently won the “Terre Fiorenti-Un Futuro da Coltivareprize as an innovative Tuscan agricultural firm operating in the short supply chain.

The winery

The winery was designed by the architect Marisa LoCigno and surveyed by Pier Ferruccio Rossi. They based their work on the principles of efficiency and sustainability. The three-sided production area was built according to the Etruscan “Cyclopean wall” method (reusing boulders found during an excavation). This creates an environment that inspires contemplation. The upper floor, used for wine tasting activities and communication purposes, has large windows looking out over the vineyards and the surrounding landscape. This creates an instant connection between the visitor and the countryside. The building uses geothermy in the tasting areas and to control the temperature of vats during fermentation, ensuring the highest quality.

Technology plays a hand in lowering the use of chemicals to a bare minimum. With the same vision, the bottling and labelling line was designed, enabling Podere di Pomaio • Green Winery to ensure that the entire production chain is carried out while lowering CO2 emissions.