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The true link between the past and the future, the Fonterutoli Winery dominates the estate and farm slopes looking to Siena from a vantage point, but its heart is beating within.

Castello di Fonterutoli is a Mazzei family property since 1435 this centuries-old knowledge of its terroir combined with 50 years of research on Sangiovese allows us to make the most of our terroir and to create wines of great diversity and complexity.

The Estate covers a total area of 650 hectares, of which "only" 117 of vineyards, divided in 7 main areas and located between 230 and 500 meters above see level, and once more divided in 120 different parcels  

The remaining land has been destined for other more marginal crops and especially for the woods with the aim of guaranteeing the stability of the ecosystem and its biodiversity.

The cellar of Castello di Fonterutoli allows to enhance every single parcel with a separate vinification and a maturation in single barrels, translating this great diversity into an extraordinary breadth of aromas and complexity

The grapes from these 120 parcels are harvested by hand, turned into wine and aged in wood barrels separately, transforming the value of diversity into an extraordinary breadth of bouquet and complexity.

Cantina Castello di Fonterutoli
Agnese Mazzei
Year of realization:
Agnese Mazzei

The true link between the past and the future, the Fonterutoli Winery dominates the estate and farm slopes looking to Siena from a vantage point, but its heart is beating within.
A modern winery but at the same time the owner of centuries-old knowledge, as only a family member could design: in fact Agnese Mazzei is the designer of the innovative project with low environmental impact, where aesthetics meet functionality.

Agnese Mazzei had long studied the problems of giving an appropriate form to the technical necessities of wine production. The solution embraced four philosophies: the use of gravity to move the grapes and wine and avoid stressing the raw materials for the finished product; the use of micro-fermentation to better understand the precise characteristics of each of the estate’s single vineyard plots; natural temperature control in the barrel-aging facility to better utilize and economize energy and minimal impact on the environment.

It was a very complex project tackled from the end of the 90s and completely finalized in 2008, which involved a very technical team working in the oenological field as well as structural engineers and architects.

An important project on three levels, covering an area of 10.000mq; 75% of which are underground to allow the grapes collected in the plaza to "drop" during the various phases of the wine making process and age in wood barrels in the most natural manner: The force of gravity.

The special 74 wine tanks, allow processing the grapes from each parcel separately to preserve their biodiversity and produce a series of small scale wine batches that together with the judicious use of treading and long maceration, allow obtaining wines with exceptional qualities of colour and particularly smooth and elegant tannins.

At 15 meters of depth, in the vast cellar where more than 3000 oak barrels dwell, large open windows on the rocky sub-soil maintain in an absolutely natural way, a constant temperature with swings of only seven degrees centigrade between winter and summer. The proper humidity is also maintained by opening or closing a cascade of spring water which rises from five sources further below ground.


The history of the Mazzei family is closely linked not only to viticulture in Tuscany but also to the old hamlet of Fonterutoli.

Fonterutoli, an ancient stone village, became the property of the Mazzei in 1435 and since then has hosted the "Locanda di Fonterutoli" where wayfareres traveling from Florence to Siena found refreshment.

This ancient village, a few kilometers from Castellina in Chianti, enjoys an extraordinary view of Siena, so close as to be able to distinguish the Torre del Mangia and the silhouette of the Duomo.

The centuries-old belonging to the Mazzei family has preserved the few houses, the church of San Miniato and the villa, built at the end of the 1500s in place of the fortified castle, almost unchanged. Here time has stopped, retaining the charm of the Middle Ages.

Just below the village of Fonterutoli is the new winery, where guided tours of the winery and tastings are organized. The tour includes an introduction to the history of the Mazzei family, and continues with a visit to the cellar, showing the stages of the production process and the architectural aspects of a modern and avant-garde construction and ends with a tasting of the wines of Castello di Fonterutoli

Fonterutoli offers its guests the opportunity to stay within its ancient walls thanks to the B&B consisting of 17 country-chic rooms inspired by the colors of Chianti

In Fonterutoli is also located the Osteria di Fonterutoli, with its terrace overlooking olive trees and vineyards, which welcomes visitors by offering dishes strictly inspired by the Tuscan tradition and using 0 km raw materials, our Enoteca where to book a visit of the hamlet or of the cellar as well as to taste our wines. The new Società Orchestrale where to stop for a typically Tuscan refreshment break or an Italian style aperitivo.


The excellence of Castello di Fonterutoli wines, which combine elegance, complexity, finesse and concentration, is renowned worldwide. In a land famous for its reds, the Estate offers eight wines in all: three interpreters of the Chianti Classico appellation and five IGT Toscana, identity and elegance are the common values.

Castello Fonterutoli - Chianti Classico Gran Selezione
is the result of the selection of the best 50 parcels of the company. Produced only in the best vintages, it is rich and persistent, has a great structure and a floral bouquet. 40 years of research, 36 Sangiovese biotypes of which 18 exclusive, separate vilification and aging : since its birth, Castello Fonterutoli represents the true Château of the Chianti Classico. It bears the same name as the company as it interprets its extraordinary vocation at the highest level.

Ser Lapo - Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG
Mazzei family celebrates the illustrious ancestor Ser Lapo author of the first known document on the use of the denomination "Chianti" of 1398. Fresh, tannic, with hints of wild berries, structured and intense.

Siepi - Toscana IGT
is a "cru" of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes in equal proportions, and expression of how the land of Chianti leaves its mark even in no indigenous vines. Grapes come from the most beautiful vineyard of the company - a heart of six hectares in the center of the homonymous plot located 260 meters above sea level - and make it a wine of rank and character, exclusive for its softness, concentration, a rare souplesse.

Fonterutoli - Chianti Classico DOCG
is the wine that has always identified the company's Chianti Classico in the classic version, it is produced with Sangiovese for 90%, Merlot, Colorino and Malvasia Nera. Its great drinkability stay beside the beautiful character and the complex structure.

Concerto di Fonterutoli - Toscana IGT
The "Concerto" was born in 1981 on the wave of a viticulture aware of a potential still unexpressed, which experimented with new forms of farming and new grapes, including non-native varieties; he was one of the precursors and major protagonists of the phenomenon of the so-called "Super Tuscans".

Philip - Toscana IGT
is dedicated to the illustrious ancestor Filippo (Philip) Mazzei (1730-1816), liberal thinker, American patriot and pioneer, of viticulture in Virginia. Produced with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon selected in our estates, Philip is the quintessence of Tuscany.

Poggio alla Badiola - Toscana IGT
is a young and versatile wine with captivating aromas and a pleasant structure. The elegance of its bouquet is due to the Sangiovese di Badiola produced at almost 500 meters above sea level, the presence of Merlot gives body and velvet.

Mix 36 - Toscana IGT
is the quintessence of the research work on Sangiovese fruit of an experimental vineyard, planted at the end of the 90s in ideal soil and climatic conditions for Sangiovese: 36 different Sangiovese biotypes, including 18 mass selections from our old vineyards . An absolutely avant-garde agronomic project that gives life to a "PURE" Sangiovese, a unique wine that contains "Cru", "Monovarietale" and "Blend" all in one.