Cantina Il Borro

LuogoCantina Il Borro - Loro Ciuffenna

A cellar with an important history, Il Borro is located in the heart of the Valdarno


The origins of Il Borro have been lost in the mists of time and countless illustrious figures have been part of its history. Every narrow street, every stone speaks of the past, flavours and aromas that communicate a rare and authentic side of Tuscany. Nestled among vineyards and olive groves, in the shade of the cypress trees along the age-old Via dei Setteponti, a land brimming with art and culture located not far from Tuscany’s main cities (Florence, Arezzo and Siena), Il Borro is a window that opens out onto history, a fresco of a distant world that has been handed down to us today. The Medici and the Savoy, and now the Ferragamo family, have safeguarded its preciousness, keeping the estate’s buildings and charm intact and turning Il Borro into a haven devoted to the art of hospitality.

700 hectares in the heart of Tuscany: the varied Valdarno offers visitors unspoilt woods, brooks and the famous hills that are so characteristic of the region. The finest wines (this is a Chianti DOCG production zone), olive oil and local products have been grown here for centuries.

It’s no coincidence that the first “Chianti experiments” were carried out at Il Borro, which now produces an average of 170,000 bottles per year.

The winery

The cellar of Il Borro, owned by the Ferragamo family, designed by architect Elio Lazzerini, is a brick building, partly covered in plaster, with a traditional layout to be at one with the pre-existing estate structures: the medieval village, farmhouses, main villa and, in particular, the old eighteenth-century cellar.

The new 1,100m2 cellar connects the vat room, the bottling and storage areas, and the exhibition space for temporary exhibitions with the old cellar along a long vaulted corridor, using the old, pre-existing roof. This 300-meter-long tunnel drops down to a depth of 8 meters under the ground to reach the historic spaces built in the past beneath the main villa. In addition to offering a beautiful walkway to visitors, it also provides the perfect temperature for storing the wine in a 100% natural way.