Podere di Pomaio, two “souls” in one place

Architect: Marisa Lo Cigno

“Podere di Pomaio • Green Winery is a small, contemporary-minded cellar with a wealth of historical connections and memories of the surrounding land, from the Etruscan age to the post-war period.

The two interconnected parts, seen on the front upon arrival, built using old recovered bricks to maintain a link with the old “farming buildings” of the valleys around Arezzo, verging on a reassuring wing that conceals the other part, an area that meets the technical and operating needs of highly specialized production, split between production and product communication spaces.

The building’s main feature comes from low impact on the environment and the use of natural materials, such as stone, lime, pozzolana mortar, recovered cyclopean masses and wood, over which a light metal cover is added that protects the building on three sides with porticoes that ensure that overheating does not occur.” Marisa Lo Cigno.