Cantina Salcheto: model of environmental efficiency

Architect: Michele Manelli

The cellar project was managed by Michele Manelli, president of Salcheto, who coordinated a working group that involved various professionals and experts in the construction and renewable energy world.

“First and foremost, I wanted to create the perfect wine process for my Sangiovese: grape selection, gravity-driven process for the principal winemaking steps, ageing in small and large wooden barrels, long bottle refinement,” explained Michele Manelli. “Then I started to think about how to make this cellar into a model of environmental efficiency and I added, as if in a recipe, all the elements of energy streamlining that I could think of and the renewable energy that I could harness along the process, to the point of taking on the challenge of energy autonomy.

Then I focused, in a detailed manner, on the health and safety of all workers, seeking to imagine the actions of the craftsmen who were work there. Lastly, I considered visitors to the cellar, picturing hospitality at the centre of the cellar, where people would be welcomed at one with the workspaces, welcomed by the kitchen garden of our small restaurant or at the reception where everyone stops for a coffee. I felt the weight of social responsibility to create something important, which would mark the landscape for decades: I had to overcome the challenge of beauty and total, economic, social and environmental quality.” Michele Manelli